👨‍🔧 3DVista Pro Support service

During the subscribed period you are able to:

  • Send me direct messages with things you are trying to figure out with 3DVista (email or Nextcloud chat)
  • Send me screenrecordings up to 5 minutes (email or upload in Nextcloud)
  • Share projectfiles through selfhosted Nextcloud.

Sharing projectfiles through Nextcloud is not necessary, but can be very helpful. Doing this enables me to very quickly open up your project.

I will:

  • Do my best to help you understand the challenge.
  • Come up with one or multiple ideas how to navigate through the challenge.
  • Reply by text or have a personal tutorial created for you.
  • Reply within reasonable time during workdays
  • Offer a quarterly report with all the questions I've answered with a reminder that the subscription will continue to renew in one week before the renewal date, so that you can make clear decission to continue this service.

This service does not include:

  • Live communication. It might happen that we are online at the same time chatting, but it's something you can't expect from me. I reply when I have time to reply and I intent to reply quickly. If you want to have live communication, it's better to schedule a consultation.
  • Guaranteed response time every single workday during the subscription period. I might be having a day off or a few more days. If I'm planning to have a few days off, then I will inform about that.
  • More than 3 support hours in a single month. Time will be recorded per minute from the moment I open each question and stopped when something has been sent back to you.
  • Building it for you. You are the creator (or driver) of your project, I'm sitting next to you in the car, helping you to navigate which direction to drive to. If building it for you is needed, that can be done filling out the sales form.
All memberships include a 1 week free trial
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€349 every 3 months

👨‍🔧 3DVista Pro Support service